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Light-Reactive Lenses

Woman wearing SunSync indoors

Defy Convention

The one that started it all. SunSync is a conventional light-reactive lens that defies convention. Dark outdoor color, excellent indoor clarity, fast reaction times, superior temperature stability, and exceptional durability in one stylish package.

Provider Recommended

"We’ve found SunSync is truer in nature to its colors. It compares very well, if not surpassing technology we’ve had in the past. And the patients really enjoy the lens.”

Rob Henslick, OD,
​Vision Center, Laguna Niguel, CA

Women wearing SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses

SunSync Patient Benefits

  • Dark outdoor color
  • Excellent indoor clarity
  • Fast activation
  • ​100% UV protection
  • Exceptional blue light filtration
  • Superior temperature stability
  • Outstanding durability
  • Available in gray and brown
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee1

SunSync Eye Care Provider Benefits

Enhanced Consistency: Better performance consistency across temperatures results in a great experience.  

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Backed by a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP members. 

Recommended Performance: 2/3 ECPs rate SunSync  better than their previous conventional photochromic.2

Availability Guide

Product Category Lens Design CR-39 Polycarbonate Trivex 1.67 High-index
Progressive Lenses Unity Via Elite II, Plus II, Via II, Mobile II, Wrap II        
Ethos, Ethos Plus        
Near Variable Focus Unity Via OfficePro        
Single Vision Lenses Unity Relieve, Unity SVx, SVxtra, SVxtreme        
Flat Top 28 Lenses Standard        
Finished Single Vision Standard        

Dispensing Tips

Lean on Life-Reactivity

Discuss the convenience of one pair of lenses that adapts to any environment on the fly.

Pitch Peace of Mind

Offer confidence of exceptional indoor-outdoor blue light defense and 100% UV protection.

Banish Buyer’s Remorse

Make the decision easy with SunSync’s one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The following FAQ refers specifically to original SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses.

  • What is SunSync?

    SunSync is a conventional light-reactive lens that darkens in sunlight and returns to clear indoors, combining comfort, clarity, convenience, and confidence in one stylish package.

  • What are the benefits of SunSync?

    SunSync provides wearers the following benefits:

    • Fast activation
    • Dark outdoor colors
    • Excellent indoor clarity
    • 100% UV protection
    • Exceptional blue light filtration
    • Superior temperature stability
    • Outstanding durability 
    • One-year satisfaction guarantee for VSP members
  • ​What materials are available with SunSync?

    SunSync is available in plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, and 1.67 high-index. Finished Single Vision and Flat Top 28 are available in plastic and polycarbonate only.

  • What lens designs are available with SunSync?

    SunSync is available on the following Unity® and Ethos® lens designs:

    • Unity Progressive Lenses: Unity Via Elite II, Plus II, Via II, Mobile II, and Wrap II
    • Unity Via OfficePro
    • Unity Single Vision: Unity Relieve, Unity SVx, SVxtra, and SVxtreme
    • Ethos Progressive Lenses: Ethos, Ethos Plus
    • Standard Single Vision
    • Finished Single Vision
    • Flat Top 28

    ​SunSync is also available on Shamir lens designs.

  • What colors are available with SunSync?

    ​SunSync is available in gray and brown.

  • How does SunSync work?

    Photochromic nanoparticles “unfold” when exposed to UV, absorbing light, blocking UV, and appearing colorful (dark). When the UV source is removed, the nanoparticles gradually return to their original state and appear colorless (clear).

  • How fast does SunSync activate and deactivate?

    Due to the high number of environmental factors that impact the performance of light-reactive lenses, it is difficult to accurately provide general activation and deactivation times. The best way to gauge and demonstrate performance speed is to request a SunSync demo lens.​

  • Is SunSync compatible with ​other lens enhancements?

    Yes. In fact, adding a premium anti-reflective coating like TechShield® Elite will enhance the performance of SunSync.

  • How much blue light does SunSync filter?

    As a standard practice we do not promote a single fixed percentage of blue light reduction for any of our products. This is because we do not feel this is the most scientifically appropriate or accurate way to describe what the lenses are actually doing in terms of blue light reduction.
    Instead, we publish spectral transmittance graphs that show the percentage of reduction at all wavelengths, not just certain points. View SunSync spectral transmittance graphs here.

  • How does SunSync compare to Transitions® lenses?

    SunSync is an excellent base lens that utilizes the latest advancements in photochromic technology. We encourage our customers to compare the performance characteristics of SunSync with any base photochromic offering.​

  • How can SunSync be ordered?

    SunSync can be ordered from VSPOne® Technology Centers and through Authorized Unity Distributor Labs.

  • In which photochromic category of the VSP ophthalmic product formulary do SunSync lenses reside?

    SunSync is in Photochromic Category A of the VSP ophthalmic product formulary. You can find information about the photochromic categories in the Product Index and the Lens Enhancement Charts located in the Provider Reference Manual on VSPOnline at

  • How will SunSync appear when ordering through Eyefinity®?

    SunSync appears with Standard Single Vision, Flat Top 28, and Unity, Ethos, and Shamir lens designs in the Lens drop-down menu when ordering on For example:

    • UNITY Via Elite Polycarbonate sunsync Gray
    • UNITY SVx Polycarbonate sunsync Brown
    • UNITY Via OfficePro 5ft – sunsync Gray
    • Ethos Plus 14 – sunsync Gray
    • Shamir Autograph II Fixed 13mm – sunsync Brown​

    Review the SunSync Ordering Guide for complete instructions.

  • Are SunSync orders eligible for Unity Savings?

    Yes. For Platinum-tier practices in the VSP Vision® Premier Program, each order of SunSync Elite XT on Unity or Ethos lenses will receive Unity Savings. Please visit for more details.

  • Are SunSync orders eligible for VSPOne Rewards?

    Yes, each qualifying order of SunSync placed through VSPOne can earn VSPOne Rewards points. Please visit for more details. 

  • Do SunSync orders count towards a practice’s VSP Global Premier Program target?

    Yes. Each SunSync order will count towards a practice’s Optics purchases target in the Premier Program. Combining SunSync Elite with Unity Lenses and TechShield® Anti-Reflective Coatings will help you reach your Optics purchase targets even faster.

  • How much does SunSync cost?

    Price for patients wishing to pay out of pocket will be determined by the Eye Care Provider. Please refer to the VSPOne National Price List for SunSync private-pay pricing.

  • Is SunSync backed by a guarantee?

    Yes, all products in the SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses portfolio are backed by a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP® Members. If not completely satisfied, VSP will refund the cost of the SunSync lenses and replace them with clear prescription lenses, free of charge. Learn more about the SunSync Guarantee.

"I am constantly changing my environment from natural to artificial light during the day in an area of high UV indexes. Having these lenses help not only to protect my eyes but have less to carry and maintain on a daily basis."

Sean Y., SunSync wearer

1. SunSync guarantee is a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP members.
2. 2017 SunSync patient satisfaction survey.