SunSync Drive XT

SunSync Drive XT

Light-Reactive Lenses

SunSync Drive XT retains color in the car

Performance in Overdrive

SunSync Drive XT takes the old notion about light-reactive lenses not working in the car and throws it out the window. Combining in-car color retention with ultra-dark outdoor color and exceptional indoor clarity, this conventional extra reactive lens takes the show on the road and anywhere else life takes you.

Darker. Clearer. Faster.

SunSync Drive XT outperforms other conventional photochromic lenses in three key areas:

  • Outdoor darkness
  • Indoor clarity
  • Fade-back speed
SunSync Drive XT gets extra dark outdoors and works in the car
How does SunSync Drive XT work?

Why Does SunSync Drive XT Work in the Car?

Whereas traditional light-reactive lenses activate based on exposure to UV light only, SunSync Drive XT responds to both UV and visible light. So the lenses retain color in the car, even if the windshield blocks the UV.

Availability Guide

SunSync Drive XT
Product Category Lens Design CR-39 Polycarbonate Trivex 1.67 High-index
Progressive Lenses Unity Via Elite II, Plus II, Via II, Mobile II, Wrap II        
Ethos, Ethos Plus        
Near Variable Focus Unity Via OfficePro        
Single Vision Lenses Unity Relieve, Unity SVx, SVxtra, SVxtreme        

Dispensing Tips

Answer the Big Question

Yes, it works in the car.

Dwell On the Darkness

Explain the benefits of the darker outdoor color.

Dial up the Defense

Offer confidence of exceptional indoor-outdoor blue light defense and 100% UV protection.

Highlight Competitive Advantages

Speak to the superior darkness, clarity, and fade-back speed to top-selling conventional alternative.

Banish Buyer’s Remorse

Make the decision easy with SunSync’s one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


"Sunsync lenses made it very convenient to have 2 in 1 pair of lens when driving or coming out of a building specially here in Florida. The automatic change from indoors to outdoors and vice versa is fantastic.  I definitely will recommend this product to my family and friends who use glasses."

Vivian C., SunSync wearer

1. In lab testing, SunSync Drive XT and market-leading extra-active photochromatic lens were analyzed in special measurements of visible light transmittance from 525nm to 625nm in dark/activated state, visible light transmittance from 450nm to 700nm in clear/inactivated state, and speed of change between dark and clear states at 73oF/23oC.